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Uncategorized Dec 26, 2017

 The Yelp platform, created in 2004 was to give users an opportunity to discover local establishments that provide goods and services to have a base for understanding the level of service that they provide to the community.

Fast Forward 14 years later – Yelp is now the #1 Trusted Directory Site on the Internet and in the top 10 of most visited Sites on the Web.

Apple has adopted Yelp delivering local data input to Siri and Apple Maps, Amazon has incorporated Yelp Data into Alexa, Yahoo and Bing use Yelp Data for their maps and local search information. Yelp is integrated into BMW, Land Rover, Lexus, Honda and many other vehicle infotainment systems.

This would not be possible without strict adherence to the goal of being the #1 Trusted Online Directory System on the Web.

Through this process, Yelp insists on delivering the MOST accurate and credible information to its 130 Million unique users a month that trust the information...

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