Ralph Carrasco


 In 1999 I joined the United States Navy as A Sailor ( Pyrate ) and Electronics Technician. For 6 of my 10-year career, I was Technical Expert to Admirals and Captains of Warships!

From washing dishes for months for the entire crew of USS CHAMPION MCM4 to Ensuring the ENTIRE sequence of events for Cruise Missile Missions were 100% Flawless from a Technical Standpoint for the 4 Star Of the Pacific Fleet as well as Global Operations

During this time, I was meritoriously promoted 2X ( Unicorn ) and was in the top 5% of Top 5% that worked for the Admiral's Staff.

2010 I separated from Military Service in an effort to be a connected Father.

My High Tech Skills were in demand 2 hours away in the SF Bay Area, I was Tired, I knew that I would become a fatality driving 4 hours + a Day and working another 8 hours. 

This lead me to purchasing my First Franchise, Oxi Fresh of Modesto. With Passion, Fire, Dedication, and desire to be #1 ( Seeing a Pattern ) service provider in the area. My dreams were grand, my huger fueled me daily. 

April of 2017 I fulfilled my 7 Year Contractual Agreement with Oxi Fresh Franchising CO. 

I had created the #1 Industry Specific Company in our Area, during the height of the recession while living and starting a business in the most economically repressed area in US.

We generated 3x the amount of Reviews on Yelp - Created a High-Quality Facebook Image - Our Google My Business Page was #1 in Modesto, CA

This lead to a 6 figure Revenue Stream with Minimal Marketing Dollars Spent. Now, I am on a mission to show others how having a High Quality Online Image is so Crucial for Success.  

My Passion is Emphasizing the Importance of having a CLEAR, Understanding:

The Thoughts we Think are in Direct Correlation to our Personal and Professional Levels of Success

For over 20 years I have worked with High-Level Military Leaders at the 4 Star Level, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Executive Directors, and Professionals to Discover and Execute - Policies, Programs, Game Plans, Next Generation Tactics and Principles that Drive Growth to Maximize Effectiveness.




In a nutshell, I help small Business Owners Navigate the Yelp Platform.

Yelp was created in 2004, to give users an opportunity to discover local establishments that provide goods and services along with a base for understanding the level of service that they provide to the community.

Fast Forward 15 years later – Yelp is now the #1 Trusted Directory Site on the Internet and in the top 100 of most visited sites on the Web-based on Alexa rankings.

Unfortunately, there is a disconnect between the Business Owner and Yelp.com

We would like to bridge that disconnect and explain what Yelp truly is…


It’s a Decision-Making Tool…This is why social presence is so Important. 


We work with Yelp as a Yelp Advertising Partner, an Invitation Only Certification program from Yelp. As an industry leader offering 3rd Party full-service Yelp advertising options, we serve Owners, Executives, Franchisors, Franchisees, Management, and Multi-Location clients across the country.  


I like to offer my knowledge and insight to Business Owners as follows:  

  • Why Claiming your Free Yelp Page is Crucial for Success
  • Learn Why the Yelp Business Owners App is Important
  • Understand the Metrics and Why they are Relevant
  • How Photos are Processed 60,000 X Faster than Text to Humans
  • Gain 2.5X more Leads by Activating 1 Free Feature
  • Learn the Power of the "Check-In Offer" 
  • Attract Clients by Highlighting Your Best Features and Services
  • How to Write the History Section and Why it's Important
  • Discover Key Action to being able to Respond to Reviews
  • Gain Insight Why responding to Reviews is so Crucial for Success
  • Learn how to Set Up the Enhanced Profile for Success.  
  • Run Ads and Enhancements with an Expert with 10 Years of Experience and Certified by Yelp Inc. 
  • Utilize Partner Agency Benefits and Reporting Metrics Normally reserved for National Clients.

I am not here to convince anyone of anything, I have the knowledge to help cut the learning curve. I am a Technical Expert with a Strong Sense of Uniformity and a Real-World Business Background.


Carrasco Consulting is here to help Businesses and Individuals to become as Successful as Possible as Quickly as Possible on Yelp. We understand the frustrations of slow Revenue Flow.


For over 20 years I have worked with High-Level Military Leaders at the 4 Star Level, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, Executive Directors, and Professionals to Discover and Execute - Policies, Programs, Game Plans, Next Generation Tactics and Principles that Drive Growth to Maximize Effectiveness.


I have spoken Publicly on Following Topics:

* Generating Revenue From Review Sites

* Creating an Effective Online Image

* Increasing Sales by Becoming The Obvious Choice

* Marketing on a Minimal Budget Emphasizing Customer Satisfaction | Retention

* Increasing Visibility & Credibility by Creating and Maintaining a High Status

* Effectiveness of Face-to-Face Networking to Increase Brand Awareness

* Volunteerism and Community Involvement to Generate Revenue


Organizations and Professionals Engage with me to:

* Identify and Leverage their Competitive Advantage to Increase Revenue

* Using Social Media to assist Potential Clients in Discovering and Following their Organization

* Create, Implement and Execute Strategies and State of the Art Tactics for Measurable Results

* Present Innovative Branding Concepts

* Increase Revenue through Effective Customer Engagement

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Professional Organizations I am Apart of: 

April 2010 - Present 

Modesto Sunrise Rotary 

December 2018 - 2019 

BNI Gold Country Region - Tracy Givers


My Influences: Napoleon Hill, Bob Proctor, Dr. Maxwell Maltz, Albert Einstein, Conrad Hilton, Lee Iaccoca, Steven Covey, Tony Robbins, Ryan Holiday, Robert Greene, Jason Capital, and Felix Dennis


 ~ Reach Out Today, Me and My Team are Standing By to Be of Service ~


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