Yelp COVID-19 Action Plan for Business Owners


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Included in Program:

  • 10 Sections of Knowledge
  • The "Why" of Each Section
  • Expert Insights from Certified Agency Partner
  • Digital Downloads with Additional Information and Links to more content.



 - - Free Yelp Features Overview - -


  • "Special" Feature is #1 Factor for consumers
  • Why COVID-19 Feature is Impactful 
  • Become properly indexed to be found faster
  • Ensure you can be discovered by local consumers in the area
  • Content - Content - Content - Internet users are Savvy shoppers 
  • Communication is Key and will bring in daily leads on autopilot 
  • Protect your Reputation through extreme Professionalism


- - Paid Yelp Features Overview - - 


  • #1 Recommended Feature - Amazon Prime for Yelp
  • Learn About the Monthly Enhancements and Effectiveness
  • Special Designations Specific for COVID-19 and How to Activate [Displayed on Search]


I look forward to sharing these insights with you and your teams. 



This information is coming to you from over 10 years of trial and error to discover the best course of action when using the Yelp Platform. 


I discovered that when I can explain "The Why" that the lesson is better received because you are a willing participant. 


The goal is to help and guide you on your journey, now more than ever and I hope that you find value and insight from my efforts. 

Thank You, 


Ralph Carrasco


- - - - - 100% Money Back Guarantee if you go through 60% of the course and find no value from the Free Enhancements. - - - - -


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