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Yelp is the King of Online Business Directories

The Platform is here to stay and I want to be your #1 Resource to Maximize Your Efforts.


Currently over 130 Million People around the world are using the platform and the numbers are growing daily. 

1% of the Community is Controlling your Online Image - Yelp has Published through studies: 

  • 90%  of the People that use the Platform ONLY do so for Research. The App is free to use and no account is needed to look at the data. Meaning 90% of the people that make a decision to use buy your Goods or Services is made up from 10% of the Yelp Population. 
  • 9% of the Reviewers - Do so Sparingly, off and on, generally based on a Extremely Positive or Negative Experience. 
  • 1% of the Reviewers are using the Platform on a Consistent Basis 



Otherwise, the masses will do it for you and the results may not be attractive to Potential Clients


Let me Explain how deep Yelp is intertwined into daily life.

Currently - Yelp Powers and Delivers Local Data On:

  • ALL Apple Products - Iphones, Ipads, Safari, Siri, and Apple Maps - Everytime you use and Apple Product you are using Yelp Data
  • Amazon Alexa | Yahoo | Bing.
  • Yelp powers most GPS System Business Listings in Automobiles, including the following:
    Honda | Acura Jeep
    BMW | Mercedes-Benz
    Toyota | Porsche
    Range Rover | Lexus
    Volkswagen| Volvo
    Chrysler | Dodge | Fiat | Ram

Additionally, it is 2018 - Clients EXPECT Business Owners to be engaged and dialed in. Especially with so many CEOs and Executive Directors maintaining an open door policy


 Many Business Owners and Management Teams are frustrated by the Review Filtering System (You maybe one of them) and the way Yelp goes about their Sales Calls. 


This is why I am offering my insights and knowledge. 


As a Yelp Expert, I understand why and how the Platform works as well as how to create a Powerful Profile that draws people in.



  •  How and Why the Filtering System is in Place - [Stop Trying to Game the System - You will get caught]
  •  Benefits For Advertisers [Has Nothing to Do With Reviews]
  •  How Creating a Powerful Profile Increases Revenue and Profits


Ralph Carrasco - Yelp Expert??

[That's A Bold Claim]

In 2010 After Serving Over 10 years as an Active Duty Pyrate in the US NAVY, (6 years At the 4 Star Admiral Level) I chose to separate to be a Daddy to my Daughters. I was A Technical Expert to Expert Military Leaders. My Officer Package was Complete and I was Creating My Own Adventure. I realized I wanted to be in their lives on a daily basis. 


I moved to the MOST Economically Repressed Area in the Country (According to Forbes), the housing bubble hit the California Central Valley Hard. Instead of Driving 4 Hours everyday to the Silicon Valley to utilize my Advanced Technical Background, I chose to become a Franchisee. 


This opportunity allowed me to stay in the same City as my Daughters and afforded me the opportunity to genuinely "Be There" for school events as well as sporting events and after school activities. 


Quickly I learned how difficult it was to attract new clients in a Down Market. 


The Best thing going for me though was my Drive and Determination. 


After a Frustrating Few Months, I reached out to the Franchise's National Marketing Director for Guidance and Insight.  I came from the Mindset that I throw away mailers to the home and I did not want to spend money to have it go in the Trash.


During Our Conversation, I was going over my frustrations and he was unable to provide additional insights from what I was already doing with Google and Facebook. 


Then It Happened - A Tiny Seed was Planted, to what is today a Passion I am committed to educate and help the world with. 


"Hey, Have You Heard of Yelp?" [Remember this is 2011 and I was Fresh Off out of the Navy]


"YELP" I replied inquisitively 


 "Yeah - I guess its big out there in California, Our Fremont Owner is booked out two weeks solid and Spends '$0' (ZERO) on Marketing" 


My Mouth Dropped Wide Open and on the Spot, I decided I was going to learn EVERYTHING about the Platform and Mimic his results. Granted, he was in the Silicon Valley, but I knew enough people commuted this way to know that it could be beneficial to me.  


So - I got busy and started studying the Platform and my Clients, constantly asking them -'How' and 'Why' they chose my company over the counterpart providers (I dont believe in the Word Competition).


Fast Forward 4 years later - through Months and Months of Trial and Effort, I started gaining more and more market share. 


Then, I started ranking as High as the Established National Businesses in the Community. Revenue was starting to flow and my confidence was increasing. 


The Masses want to work with The Best and have The Best Experience Possible. The Magic started happening when I not only passed the others, I quickly started breaking away. 


By having my Clients "Describe Their Experience on Social Media" more and more "Yelpers" started using our services. 


In 2015 we had 2X the Amount of Reviews as our Counterpart Providers and I started helping my Business Owner Friends in other Industries with their Profiles. 


I figured If I can make Carpet Cleaning Attractive, I can make any industry business attractive. Quickly My Methodologies started working for my friends and side clients. 


In 2017 when my 7 year agreement was up with the Franchise, I decided to go into Consulting full time to help the world become more familiar with the Yelp Platform. 


When My Franchise Agreement was complete, I had 3X the Amount of Organic Reviews as my Counterpart Providers and the New Owners are Constantly Thanking Me for creating an Automatic Revenue Stream for Them. 


In October of 2017 Yelp Executives Approached me and Invited me into their New Certified Ads Agency Partner Program. Until now, I have been working with my Local Clients and taking my Yelp Education to the Next Level.


Now, I am here to offer my knowledge and insight to you for the Success of your Business.  

  • Why Claiming your Free Yelp Page is Crucial for Success
  • Learn Why the Yelp Business Owners App is Important
  • Understand the Metrics and Why they are Relevant
  • Photos are Processed 60,000 X Faster than Text - What are you telling your Clients
  • Gain 2.5X more Leads by Activating 1 Free Feature
  • Learn the Power of the "Check In Offer" (Not Available for All Businesses)
  • Attract Clients by Highlighting Your Best Features and Services
  • How to Write the History Section and Why its Important
  • Discover Key Action to being able to Respond to Reviews
  • Gain Insight Why responding to Reviews is so Crucial for Success
  • Learn how to Set Up the Enhanced Profile for Success.  
  • Run Ads and Enhancements with an Expert with 7 Years of Experience and Certified by Yelp Inc. 
  • Utilize Partner Agency Benefits and Reporting Metrics Normally reserved for National Clients. 


Who I Love To Work With

I am not here to convince anyone of anything, I have knowledge to help cut the learning curve and I stand behind my products - I am Your Technical Expert with a Strong Sense of Uniformity and a Real World Business Background. I am confident I can provide Value to your Team - No matter the size:


  • Owner / Operators [1 Man Show - Husband | Wife Team]
  • Multi Location [Branding Is Important with A Uniformed Image]
  • Franchisors | Franchisees - Extensive Experience with National Brand
  • Corporations with Multiple Brands


What I am Looking For

I want to help Businesses and Individuals to become as Successful as Possible as Quickly as Possible on Yelp. I understand the frustrations of slow Revenue Flow, my goal is to help 1,000,000 Businesses become Rockstars on the Platform. 

This Works - I promise!! HAHAHA


Our Ideal Clients - 
  • Desire to be #1
  • Action Takers
  • Open Mindset
  • Socially Conscious
  • Take Brand Seriously
  • Ready to Learn the Platform
  • Inspired to Take the Necessary Steps.
  • Have an Advertising Budget  
  • Currently Month to Month with Yelp


Are YOU in Contract with Yelp Inc., We can still Help


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Lets Get You Dialed In and Supported!!

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